Namecheap: Hosting has 3 flaws that you should know

Namecheap: Hosting has 3 flaws that you should know!

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NameShip is a private American domain hosting and registration company created in 2000. As the company name indicates, the aim of Namecheap founder is to make it easy for users to purchase domain names at the lowest costs.

In the past twenty years since the creation of Neem Ship, the company based in Los Angeles, USA, has grown significantly in the field of domain registration until it became the third largest domain registration company in the world.

In this review, which we will allocate to Nimeship, we will mention the advantages and disadvantages of Namecheap, is it a good company and it deserves to join or not.

As I used to from the Dean of the hosting to mention the advantages and disadvantages of web hosting companies without bias, because the Dean of the hosting site is an independent site and is not owned or affiliated with any hosting company.

We will provide company review and analysis without any bias or hiding flaws or features.

The advantages of Name Ship

In this section of the NameShip review we will look into the advantages of Namecheap hosting in detail and what features might lead you to use the services of NameShip.

The features that we will mention are not all the company’s features, but the most important and most famous.

The goal of mentioning the advantages and disadvantages of hosting companies is not to motivate you to join those companies and buy or avoid their services, this is not our goal.

Our goal in the first place is to show you the advantages and disadvantages of companies and services in a simplified manner as possible without bias so that you can determine whether the company or service is best suited to your site and your needs

low prices

The most important characteristic of Nimeship hosting and most of the company's services in general is the significant price drop. The company is considered one of the cheapest companies hosting websites and domains as well. But the low hosting price does not necessarily mean that it is of high quality.

Namecheap offers three shared hosting packages that all include unlimited Bandwidth data transmission capacity. The first package, Stellar, comes at a price of $ 2.88 per month ($ 1.44 with a dean's discount) and includes 20 GB of storage space and allows the creation of 3 sites on the same account.
The second package Stellar Plus differs from the first package in that it includes unlimited storage space. The package also allows the creation of an unlimited number of sites on the same hosting account without additional costs. This package also includes a free automatic backup. The price of the second package is $ 4.88 per month ($ 2.44 with dean of the host discount).

As for the third package, Stellar Business is distinguished from the other two packages as it is based on cloud hosting, which makes it more stable and secure. This is because the files and data are located on another machine and therefore any problem in the current server will not affect the site, because the site will work from another server.
The price of this package is $ 8.88 per month ($ 4.44 with dean hosting discount) and it comes with 50 GB storage, unlimited sites and automatic backup for free.

And all the NeemShip hosting packages come with a 30-day money back guarantee from the hosting purchase if you don't like the hosting service. Thus, you get the possibility to try hosting without worrying about losing your money

CPanel used

CPanel is a powerful yet easy-to-host hosting dashboard and the most popular board.

And the interface of the C Panel is available in Arabic and there are many explanations of how to use it in Arabic and the rest of the languages ​​on the Internet.

CPanel is used as a control panel for shared hosting accounts.

Free backup

Namecheap shared hosting comes with a free backup of the site twice a week for free and this is available with all hosting packages.

While the second and third packages come with a better backup service, you take daily, weekly and monthly backups, and you can retrieve the copy you want from them.

We always recommend sites with important content to use an external backup service

Free domain

Since Nimeship is in the first article a domain registration company, the company is one of a handful of companies that provide free hosting and domain with it.

All hosting packages come with a website. Free for one year within the dean's hosting discount.

In addition to the free domain, you also get a service to hide the domain owner's data from WHOIS search services. This service is mostly a paid service and its cost is in the range of $ 10 or more per year, but NimShip is provided free of charge to the Dean's website hosts.

Unlimited hosting

The shared hosting from Name Ship is that it has unlimited bandwidth hosting as they do not count consumption. This is not only related to the major hosting packages, but also to all packages as they include unlimited Bandwidth data transmission as well.

Also the second package includes unlimited file storage capacity, but you should know that there is a fair usage policy. According to Nimescape, the unlimited space is reserved for your site files and not for storing other files such as uploading sites and uploading files.

The disadvantages of Neem Ship

Technical support is not the best

It is difficult to judge the quality of technical support for any company because it varies from case to case and from person to person. NameShip provides free live chat technical support to its users 24 hours a day, seven days a year.

Technical support is available in English and technical support representatives will help you solve most problems.

But if the problem is big or difficult, technical support may not be able to help you easily. Namecheap also has a great tutorial and knowledge base, but the problem is that it focuses heavily on the company's flagship product, Domain

The hosting is not fast

Hosting speed is one of the most important things to take into account, as it greatly affects the user experience and site ranking in search engine results. When a visitor visits your site, if he finds that your site is slow, he will press the back button and will visit another site.

According to our follow-up, Namecheap hosting is not fast and download time is not the best in the industry.

The working time is not good

Work time or Uptime runtime is the time when hosting is up and running.

The sooner the working time approaches 100%, it will be better because it means that the site will not stop much.

And 99% is not as good as you think, this 1% means your site will be down for 3 days and 15 hours per year.

According to our follow-up to hosting Neem Ship, we found that the working time for hosting is not good and it is often in the range of 99.8%, which is equivalent to about 20 minutes of stopping per week.


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