HostGator review: 4 HostGator flaws you should know

HostGator review: 4 HostGator flaws you should know!

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Do you know host gator?

Learn about the drawbacks and advantages of HostGator and get an exclusive discount!

Welcome to the review of a new hosting company from the Dean's website hosting, which is the review of HostGator, the global hosting company.

HostGator is one of the most famous international hosting companies and very well known to many Arabs and almost months are among the Arabs due to the low prices, especially when booking for the first time

We have good news for you, as the Dean's hosting team has contacted Host Gateway to obtain a special discount and discount for our website visitors.

HostGator has agreed to give our site visitors a 61% discount on the shared hosting price, to make it at only $ 2.71 per month with free domain too, at no additional cost.

The offer includes not only shared hosting, but all the company's services, whether hosting or other services, also have an exclusive discount.

HostGator features

Multiple hosting options

HostGator provides many hosting packages and services to suit all needs, as it provides services:

  • Shared Web Hosting.
  • Virtual Private Servers.
  • Dedicated Servers.
  • Reseller Hosting.Cloud Hosting.
  • Cloud WordPress Hosting.
  • Hosting popular APPs Hosting web applications like Joomla, Drupal, phpBB, MediaWiki, Magento and other popular scripts.

Decreased host hosting prices

HostGator hosting is distinguished by its low prices compared to the service provided, especially with the use of the Host Gateway coupon from the Dean's hosting site, which makes shared hosting at only $ 2.71 per month, which is considered a low price, given that the hosting is not limited in resources.

If you want a hosting that is cheaper than that, you can use iPage hosting.

Unlimited hosting

Host Gator offers unlimited hosting.

Host Gateway offers unlimited storage, unlimited Bandwidth data capacity, and unlimited databases.

Unlimited hosting is a good feature in hosting companies because they do not set specific limits for use on your account

Free domain hosting

Host Gateway has long been a company that does not provide free domain names with hosting such as A2 Hosting and Site Ground, which later joined these companies.

However, the company announced some time ago that it provided free domain with hosting without additional expenses.

This special offer is now available through the offer of the Dean of the Hosting website, in addition to a 70% discount on the hosting price.

Disadvantages of HostGator hosting

Technical support sometimes slows down

Although technical support varies from one user to another and from one technical support employee to another, even depending on the time you contact technical support. However, there are some indicators of the quality of technical support, the most important of which is the large number of customer complaints.

Although technical support for HostJetor is one of the companys advantages, some users have complained about the slow response of technical support in some cases.

But this will not often confront you because the time you will call will not be among the peak times that contain a lot of callers, given the time differences between us and the West.

The complexity of the control panel

The hosting control panel has too much information and you almost do not need it, which makes navigation in it a little difficult. But as time goes by she will get used to it as she is still the famous Sea Panel control panel

America's data center only

The closer the hosting to the site visitors, the better in terms of the speed of the site loading, which improves the user experience and also improves the site’s ranking in search engine results.

For this, we are in the Dean of hosting, we recommend that hosting be as close as possible to your site's visitors. If visitors to your site come from more than one country, then the United States of America will be the best choice due to the quality of its infrastructure.

And some web hosting companies give you the ability to choose the seat of the server that will host your site. Unfortunately, Host Gateway is not one of them, as it only has servers in America.

You can solve this problem by using the CDN service.

Restoring backups is not free

If you want to restore a backup of your site, there is no possibility to do this manually. Instead, contact technical support and they will get it back to you themselves for a fee


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