Best Free Hosting: Top 3 Free Hosting Companies 2020

Best Free Hosting: Top 3 Free Hosting Companies 2020

Free hosting
Free hosting

Are you looking for free web hosting?

The dean of the hosting has collected the best free hosting companies in one directory!

In order to start your site, you need hosting for your site and hosting is the first thing that you pay for money most of the time. But there are many people who want to create a website or blog on the Internet without paying any money.

The reason they want not to spend money is mostly due to two reasons. The first is that the person does not own the money and the second is the lack of a way for the person to pay the value of hosting the site.

So there is no other way for this person to get free hosting.

In this guide from the dean of hosting, we will arrange the best free hosting companies in the world.

Is free hosting good?

Before we mention the best free hosting companies, we must mention that the Dean Hosting site recommends that you do not use free hosting but rather use paid hosting.

And the reasons behind this, we will mention the most important ones in the following points:

  • The hosting resources are limited and very few.
  • Companies display ads on your site.
  • No technical support from hosting.
  • Protecting your site is very weak.
  • There is no backup of your site by the hosting.
  • The free hosting company is not committed to maintaining your site as it is for paid hosting.
  • The free hosting control panel is weaker than the non-free hosting control panel like the C panel.
  • Domain is not professional (it is a subdomain).
  • The ability to close your account and delete your site at any time without prior notice.In addition to many other reasons that make using free hosting for your site a very bad idea, especially if Nathe site you want to create is an important site for you.But even so there are times when using free hosting is a good idea.

When is using a free hosting a good idea?

In general, using free hosting for your website is a good idea if you want to get free hosting in order for you to learn and practice using the hosting control panel or training to use a specific script.

So using free hosting is a good idea in case you don't care about your website and use hosting for the purpose of learning only.

Otherwise you have to use paid hosting

The best free hosting in the world

000webhos hosting

000Webhost is the most popular free web hosting company because it has been providing free hosting for a long time. It offers PHP and MySQL hosting as well as free WordPress hosting.

The most important thing about the company is that it does not display ads on your site. The control panel includes a free WordPress installation tool and website builder.

But the company’s disadvantage is that it does not offer unlimited hosting as it gives you 300MB of storage space and a “Bandwidth” data transfer amount of 3GB.

The company gives you the ability to create only one website, one database and one FTP account and there are no email accounts or subdomains.

X10Hosting hosting

X10Hosting is one of the best hosting companies for free because it offers free cloud hosting in addition to that it works with SSDs. Thus, x10Hosting is the only hosting in the world that offers free SSD hosting.

Here, please note that some non-good paid hosting companies do not offer hosting that works with this type of storage yet, and if you want to get hosting that works with this type of disk, you may need to pay an additional cost or move to a good web hosting company.

In addition, x10Hosting offers unlimited hosting, three mail accounts and 2 subdomains in addition to a web designer and the ability to install more than 300 scripts with one click from the control panel such as WordPress, Joomla and others


Byet host is a famous free hosting company and many Arab users use it to host their sites for free.

The company uses fast SSD servers to host site databases, thus increasing the speed of operations on the databases.

The company offers services that you rarely find in a free hosting company. For example, the company provides Softaculous software that enables you to install most known scripts with one click of a control panel. This program uses paid hosts only most of the time.

The company offers 1 GB storage space and 50 GB data transfer capacity in addition to the ability to create 5 databases, 5 email accounts and 1 FTP account.


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