Animation Hosting: Will you regret purchasing InMotion Hosting

Animation Hosting: Will you regret purchasing InMotion Hosting?

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We also mentioned previously that choosing the best hosting company may represent a major problem for website owners, especially beginners, who will not suffer from hosting problems until after a period has passed since the site was created and the number of visitors has increased.

Because with the influx of visitors on the site, the pressure on hosting will increase and its time will show good hosting from bad hosting.

If the hosting you have chosen is not good, you will notice that the site has slowed down and stopped for long periods, and you may not know about these pauses unless you monitor the site down time using one of the services.

Therefore, we always advise that you choose a good hosting because it will keep you away from these problems and with it you do not need to worry about your site.

This was one of the main goals of establishing the Dean of the website hosting in addition to disseminating knowledge in the field of web hosting.

Today we complete with you a series of hosting company reviews, and today is our date with the InMotion Hosting hosting review, which is considered one of the major international hosting companies.

Hosting Hosting Hosting Features

Fastest hosting with SSD

All Innovation Hosting hosting packages come with Solid State Drives (SSD).

This type of storage media is distinguished from the normal HDD by its very high response speed, whether it is writing data on the disk or reading the files on it, which will give a strong push to respond to the servers hosting your site and thus increase the speed of the site.

It is reported that there are a limited number of hosts that have provided this type of storage drive with free hosting. As many of them ask you to pay an additional monthly or annual value to enjoy this feature, because the prices of these tablets are high, and InMotion Hosting is provided free of charge with all plans and for all customers, and you also do the hosting of Site Ground.

Back up your account for free

InMotion Hosting is one of the very few companies that offer backup service for free and without any additional cost to you as many other hosting companies do and they ask you to pay a value for enjoying this service and consider it as a separate service.

Maintaining backup copies of your site's files and database is not to be underestimated, you never know when a problem will arise or when your site may recognize a hack. And that is when you will most need a backup in order to restore it.

Free domain with InMotion hosting

Offer the Inmotation Domain for free with hosting on all hosting packages (except for the smaller package) as iPage Hosting does, which will save you more than approximately $ 10 the value of buying a domain from one of the companies that provide the domain registration service.

The free domain is available by using the InMotion Hosting discount coupon for the Dean's hosting site, which also gives you a discount of more than 60% of the hosting price, which is the largest discount you can get and you will not find it on any other site.

Hosting more than one website on the same hosting package

The second package of joint hosting packages (LAUNCH) allows you to host two sites on the same hosting package without additional costs, while the POWER package allows you to host up to 6 sites on the same hosting package.

And if you want to create more than that, there is a PRO package that allows you to host an unlimited number of sites on the same shared hosting package.

Free technical support

InMotion Hosting provides free technical support service in English 24 hours a day, all days of the year.

You can contact them by phone, email, live chat, or the technical support ticket system

Free advertising coupons worth $ 250

Once you register with InMotion Hosting, you will get $ 250 free advertising coupons if the conditions apply to you, which you can use to promote your site and bring visitors to it.


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